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MagneSafe® Secure Ecosystem - MagneFlex

MagneFlex: MagTek provides hardware characterized by “security from the inside” meaning its hardware protects cardholder and sensitive data at the absolute earliest point of contact.

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oDynamo Hybrid Card Reader

oDynamo Hybrid Insertion Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) allows for fast and reliable reading of magstripe and smart card data on cards that meet the ISO 7810, 7811, 7816 specifications.

Programming Reference Manual


PN D998200160- MagTek Common Message Structure (MTCMS) (Microsoft .NET/Java/Applet)

oDynamo MagTek Common Message Structure (MTCMS)

PN D998200159 - This document provides instructions for software developers who want to create Windows C++ software solutions that include a MagTek Common Message Structure (MTCMS) device connected to a Windows PC.

oDynamo Programmer Manual

OEM Hybrid Insertion Secure Card Reader Authenticator for Unattended Terminals Programmer’s Reference (COMMANDS)

oDynamo SCRA OEM Devices MTCMSNET Demo Guide

PN D998200166 - This document provides the instructions to use the MTCMSNET Demo. It is part of a larger library of documents designed to assist oDynamo implementers, which includes the following documents available from MagTek:  D998200160 ODYNAMO PROGRAMMER'S REFERENCE MANUAL (MICROSOFT .NET)

Service and Repair Manual

Card specifications

Specification of card tracks

oDynamo Device Inspection

The purpose of this document is to provide device inspection information against device tampering.

User Installation & Operation Manual

MagneFlex Navy, Blue, and Sky

MagneFlex Browser is a full-function HTML browser application for Windows, iOS, and Android.

oDynamo Installation and Operation Manual

This document provides suggestions, guidelines, and technical information for designing solutions that integrate oDynamo, MagTek’s manual insertion Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) for OEM solutions.