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Brochure - Family

DynaProx Brochure - PN D998200357

DynaProx delivers the next generation in near field communication technology for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and other developers looking to build a secure payment solution that accepts contactless EMV and NFC payments.

MagTek and Magensa Solutions Product Catalog - D998200523

Welcome to the 2022 product catalog. MagTek sells to VARs, ISOs, ISVs, resellers, distributors, and directly to customers. Contact MagTek or your service provider to order.

USER MANUALS - Installation & Operation Manual


This document provides instructions to use the DynaFlex, DynaProx Utility BCR software for demonstrating barcode reading operations. It is part of a larger library of documents designed to assist implementers. For details, see the product Support pages on www.magtek.com.

DynaProx and DynaProx BCR Stand Quick Installation Guide - D998200511

DynaProx and DynaProx BCR deliver the next generation in touchless payment acceptance. Both models come standard with contactless EMV and near field communication (NFC) technology. DynaProx can be purchased with either a gasket for stable installation for OEMs and payment solutions; or with a countertop, angled stand for stable acceptance at the counter top.