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DynaPro Go Brochure - PN D998200121

DynaPro Go is a mobile PIN pad device. MagTek’s DynaPro Go is a handheld PIN entry device that is ideal for credit, prepaid, gift, and debit cards for mobile point of sale applications where you need unmatched convenience and security. Reduce your interchange rates, reduce chargebacks, and increase your customer satisfaction and sales with DynaPro Go.

DynaPro Go for Banking Brochure - PN D998200331

Handheld Secure PIN Device Makes Branch Automation Easy. Connect your customer service desk with your back office with the security, flexibility, and reliability in-branch visitors expect using DynaPro Go. DynaPro Go is a secure cryptographic device with PIN entry, magstripe, EMV, and NFC card reading capabilities that connects to host devices via USB, Bluetooth LE, or 802.11 wireless. This enables DynaPro Go to be used at the teller line, back office, and in mobile in-branch settings such as concierge-receptionists, who can quickly identify consumers and determine the best next steps. The card reader has a secure backlit PIN pad, and LCD display.

Brochure - Family

MagneFlex Prism - D998200198

MagneFlex Prism is a suite of interface developer tools that reduce the points of development. Instead of using SDKs, APIs, and applets to build an interface to the hardware device, another to interface to the POS application, and another to the gateway, you can build the interface to just MagneFlex. MagneFlex drives the hardware, interfaces with the POS app, and can issue the commands to pack, parse and send the data out for processing. Whether you are on a network client system or using a web-based app, there is a MagneFlex tool for you. This simplifies development and certification and allows you to determine the best ecosystem for each individual environment.

PIN Entry catalog for retail - PN 99875462

Businesses and retailers know they can rely on MagTek®.MagTek Secure Cryptographic Devices provide the trusted and reliable performanceexpected by security minded customers.

QwickPAY is Built for Mobile Payments at the Drive-Thru, for Curbside pickup, for Delivery, and with Take out - PN D998200384

Small to mid-sized businesses in need of a solution that delivers quick setup to accepting payments for over the phone, drive-thru, carry-out, curbside-pickup, and delivery transactions, can depend on QwickPAY.

Reduce the scope of PCI - PN D99875691

Retail Solutions: DynaPro and DynaPro Mini Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) Reduces the Scope of PCI


DynaPro Go EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) - PN D998200238

DynaPro Go EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

DynaPro Go PCI PTS POI Security Policy - PN D998200217

This document describes how to properly use MagTek’s DynaPro Go product in a secure manner. The use of this device in any way other than the approved methods described in this security policy invalidates the PCI PTS approval of the device.

DynaPro Go with Bluetooth LE, EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC), PN D998200296-20

The object of the declaration described above is in conformity with the relevant Union harmonization legislation: RE Directive 2014/53/EU; Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EC; REACH (EC) No 1907/2006; RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU; WEEE 2012/19/EU; UL

Magensa Web Services - Developer Programming Manuals: What API does, I/O, and methods.

Magensa Services - L3 Processor Certification Chart - PN D998200248

This chart shows compliance for MagTek hardware directly with processors. Ask a representative about additional partner apps that may have additional certifications.

SDK - MagneFlex Navy, Browser, Windows - PN D998200207

This document provides instructions on how to interact with MagneFlex Navy, browser-based for USB SCRAs and PIN PED devices


- Commands - Programmer's Manual - DynaPro Go - PN D998200136

DynaPro Go Handheld PIN Pad Device with MSR/Contact/Contactless Programmer’s Manual (COMMANDS)

.NET - Programmer's Manual - IPAD, DynaPro, and DynaPro Mini - PN D998200078

This document provides instructions for software developers who want to create software solutions that include an IPAD, DynaPro, DynaPro Go, or DynaPro Mini connected to a Windows-based host via USB, Ethernet, or Bluetooth LE.

.NET Wrapper - Programmer's Manual - IPAD, DynaPro, DynaPro Go, and DynaPro Mini - PN D99875684

This document provides instructions for software developers who want to create software solutions that include an IPAD, DynaPro, DynaPro Go, or DynaPro Mini connected to a Windows-based host via USB, Ethernet, or BLE.

C++ - Programmer's Manual - IPAD, DynaPro, DynaPro Go, DynaPro mini - PN D99875656

IPAD, DynaPro, DynaPro Go, DynaPro mini Programmer's Manual C++

Java - Programmer's Manual - IPAD, DynaPro, DynaPro Go, DynaPro Mini - PN D99875633

PIN Encryption Devices Programmer’s Reference (Java/Java Applet)

MagTek SCRA - Programmer Manual - EMV Flowchart - PN D100005143

This document provides EMV transaction flow instructions for software developers who want to create software solutions that include a MagTek Secure Card Reader / Authenticator (SCRA) device connected to a Windows PC, Android, or iOS device.

Microsoft Windows Store - Programmer's Manual - IPAD, DynaPro, DynaPro Go, and DynaPro Mini - PN D998200077

IPAD, DynaPro, DynaPro Go, and DynaPro Mini PIN Encryption Devices Programmer’s Reference (Microsoft Windows Store)

Service and Repair Manual

DynaPro, DynaPro Mini, DynaPro Go - PN D998200252

This application allows users to test their MagTek DynaPro family of products including DynaPro, DynaPro Go and DynaPro mini. It is a sample App for a PIN Encryption Device connected to a host PC via USB interface.

Technical Reference Manual

IPAD, DynaPro, DynaPro Mini, DynaPro Go PIN Entry Device Simulation Software instructions - PN D998200168

This document describes how to use PCI PED Host App Simulator software with a PIN Encryption Device to test EMV transactions on a MagTek PIN Entry Device connected to a host PC via USB, Ethernet

USER MANUALS - Installation & Operation Manual

DynaPro Go Installation and Operation Manual - PN D998200129

This is the installation and operation manual for the DynaPro Go.

DynaPro Go TLS Certificate - PN D998200279

This document provides instructions for downloading and installing DynaPro Go TLS certificates. The TLS Root and TLS Client certificates provided from the download links are the same for different operating systems, but this document instructions are partitioned into respective operating systems for clarity. Further, the instructions are segmented for two types of MagTek devices, Demo and Production.

USER MANUALS - Quick Install Guide

DynaPro Go Cable Management Cradle - PN D998200423

DynaPro Go Wire Management Cradle is a stabilizing cradle used for wire management for the DynaPro Go handheld PIN Pad.

DynaPro Go Quick Install Guide - PN D998200135

Quick Installation guide for DynaPro Go

WHITE PAPER - Overview and Industry

MagTek Response to NIST SP 800-131A re: Two-Key TDEA Encryption - PN D998200305

A response to a publication in March 2019, by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) entitled: “NIST Special Publication 800-131A Revision 2 – Transitioning the Use of Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Lengths”.

White Paper: Designing a POS system for cost-effective compliance with PCI-DSS - D998200370

Designing a POS system for cost-effective compliance with PCI-DSS: Using MagTek readers and Magensa processing services


Government Use Case

Simplify Securing Government Employee Access and Payments MagTek hardware and Magensa Services create the MagTek Solution that makes securing payments and digital transactions easier. This type of expertise and experience is equipped to manage the stringent requirements of government identification cards and access protocols. The combined effort of hardware and services provides the utmost in physical and logical security through the digital eco-system, with the flexibility and reliability these agencies require.

Healthcare Payments

MagTek’s hardware coupled with our Magensa Services creates a payment solution for healthcare systems that is easy to implement and the most securesolution in the industry.

Hotel & Hospitality POS

Point of sale solutions for effective hotel and restaurant management. Learn about MagTek's secure PCI certified PIN Pads and Card Readers for both mobile and desktop.

Payment Processor Use Case

MagTek delivers more clicks for Payment Processors with reliable services and secure hardware.

POS Compliments: Fine Dining to Quick-Service

MagTek devices are known in the industry as being durable and reliable. Our swipe readers have one of the highest first time swipe read rates in the industry and our hardware is built to last. Turn your mobile device into a carry-out, drive-thru, curbside pickup, and delivery secure payment device.

Reseller and Integrator Use Case

MagTek works with resellers and integrators for faster development time and easier integration.

Secure Point of Sale Solutions for Retail

MagTek payment hardware and software solutions for retail, including EMV, PCI, mobile and NFC (Apple Pay) compatibility.

Widespread Documents

MagTek Corporate and Timeline Brochure - PN D99875421

Founded in 1972, MagTek is a leading manufacturer of electronic systems for the reliable issuance, reading, transmission and security of cards, checks, PINs and identification documents. Leading with innovation and engineering excellence, MagTek is known for quality and dependability. Its products include secure card reader/authenticators, encrypting check scanners, PIN pads and distributed credential personalization systems. These products are used worldwide by financial institutions, retailers, and processors to provide secure and efficient payment and identification transactions.