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MagneFlex Prism

MagneFlex Prism is a suite of interface developer tools that reduce the points of development. Instead of using SDKs, APIs, and applets to build an interface to the hardware device, another to interface to the POS application, and another to the gateway, you can build the interface to just MagneFlex. MagneFlex drives the hardware, interfaces with the POS app, and can issue the commands to pack, parse and send the data out for processing. Whether you are on a network client system or using a web-based app, there is a MagneFlex tool for you. This simplifies development and certification and allows you to determine the best ecosystem for each individual environment.

MagneSafe® Secure Ecosystem - MagneFlex

MagneFlex: MagTek provides hardware characterized by “security from the inside” meaning its hardware protects cardholder and sensitive data at the absolute earliest point of contact.

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tDynamo for Retail

The tDynamo reader is a simple way to take a wide variety of payment methods, in a small, versatile device. Learn more about the reader in this brochure.

Programming Reference Manual

Dynamag, DynaMAX, eDynamo, uDynamo, aDynamo, mDynamo, tDynamo, Dynawave - SCRA Devices, MTNET Demo Guide - PN D998200163

This document provides instructions to use the MTNET Demo. It is part of a larger library of documents designed to assist Dynamag, DynaMAX, eDynamo, uDynamo, aDynamo, mDynamo, tDynamo, DynaWave and Secure Card Readers implementers.

DynaMAX, eDynamo, aDynamo,uDynamo, iDynamo, kDynamo, tDynamo Secure Card Reader Authenticators, Programmer’s Reference (iOS)

This document provides instructions for software developers who want to create custom software solutions that communicate with DynaMAX, eDynamo, aDynamo, iDynamo, uDynamo, or kDynamo connected to an iOS host via audio connector or BLE. It is part of a larger library of documents designed to assist DynaMAX, eDynamo, aDynamo, iDynamo, uDynamo, kDynamo, sDynamo, and tDynamo implementers, which includes: D99875475 MagneSafe® V5 Programmer’s Reference (Commands) - PN 99875568

MagneFlex Navy - Browser WEB API

This document provides instructions on how to interact with MagneFlex Navy, browser-based for USB SCRAs and PIN PED devices

tDynamo Secure Card Reader Programmer’s Reference (COMMANDS) manual

This document describes how to communicate with the tDynamo Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA), with details on the low level commands, configuration, and communication.

Quick Install Guide

tDynamo Device QIG

Quick Installation Guide for tDynamo reader

tDynamo Docking Stand Quick Installation Guide

tDynamo Docking Stand Quick Installation Guide describes basic installation of the tDynamo stand

Service and Repair Manual

Card specifications

Specification of card tracks

User Installation & Operation Manual

MagneFlex Navy, Blue, and Sky

MagneFlex Browser is a full-function HTML browser application for Windows, iOS, and Android.

tDynamo Installation and Operation Manual

tDynamo Three-way Secure Card Reader Authenticator Installation and Operation Manual - initial release