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MagneSafe® IntelliHead OEM Components

The MagneSafe IntelliHead is the industry’s first magnetic sensing, media validating, tamper resistant security module.

Technical Reference Manual

3V & 5V Shift-out IntelliHead

3V & 5V Shift-out IntelliHead Technical Reference Manual

Encrypting SPI MagneSafe® IntelliHead

The Encrypting SPI MagneSafe IntelliHead provides secure three-track magstripe reading capabilities and MagnePrint data for use in POS terminals and other applications where system requirements dictate the need for improved security to meet PCI (Payment Card Industry) requirements.

MagneSafe® OEM USB Reader

The MagneSafe Readers are compact magnetic stripe card readers that conform to ISO standards. In addition to reading multiple tracks of data from a card, the Readers also include MagnePrint technology.