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Magensa Decrypt & Forward Services - PN D998200255

Magensa Decrypt and Forward Gateway allows ISOs and VARs to create secure, smarter data packages for transaction environments

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Integrated Transaction Security Magensa Retail Solutions - PN D998200060

MagTek services are backed by over 40 years of industry know-how with solutions to meet your needs for payment processing. MagTek’s hardware and Magensa’s Services create a scalable and flexible payment ecosystem. MagTek delivers secure point-of-sale and point-of-service (POS) devices and Magensa delivers decryption, gateway, and application services. All of these solutions protect card data at the earliest point possible, lower scope of PCI compliance, deliver P2PE validated key injection services, and provide a path forward to support the adoption of a magstripe, EMV Contact Chip, EMV Contactless, NFC, and Secure Manual Entry payment infrastructure.

Magensa Services Overview - Magensa Data Protection and Payment Gateway Service - PN D998200437

For over 15 years, we have been providing services to major financial institutions, retail, hospitality, and other commercial organizations around the globe, securing sensitive data and processing high volumes of transactions securely.

MagTek Hardware and Magensa Gateway Solutions Product Catalog - D998200523

Welcome to the 2024 product catalog. MagTek sells to VARs, ISOs, ISVs, resellers, distributors, and directly to customers. Contact MagTek or your service provider to order. Founded in 1972, MagTek is a leading manufacturer of electronic systems for the reliable issuance, reading, transmission, and security of cards, barcodes, checks, PINs, and identification documents.

Magensa Web Services - Developer Prog. Manuals: API, I/O, and Methods

Magensa Decrypt & Forward, v4.0 - PN D998200233

The purpose of this document is to provide a description of how to call operations of the Magensa Decrypt and Forward 4.0 Web Services. Effective use of the Decrypt and Forward Web Services enables users to easily integrate encrypted card swipe data into a payment application where the payment application traditionally transmits unencrypted card swipe data when calling web services for a third-party (or ‘target’) service provider.