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Brochure - By Product

QwickPAY is Built for Mobile Payments at the Drive-Thru, for Curbside pickup, for Delivery, and with Take out - PN D998200384

Small to mid-sized businesses in need of a solution that delivers quick setup to accepting payments for over the phone, drive-thru, carry-out, curbside-pickup, and delivery transactions, can depend on QwickPAY.

Brochure - Family

kDynamo Banking Brochure - PN D998200340

This brochure provides an overview of features and benefits for kDynamo in the banking environment.

kDynamo Retail Brochure - PN D998200285

This brochure provides an overview and features of kDynamo in retail environments.

Mobile and Contactless Solutions

MagTek and Magensa deliver hardware, software, and services for mobile and contactless solutions. The dramatic shift in how business is conducted, from restaurants and retail to banks and hospitals, requires tools and services that provide an agile and secure response.

Programming Reference Manual

DynaMAX, eDynamo, aDynamo,uDynamo, iDynamo, kDynamo, tDynamo Secure Card Reader Authenticators, Programmer’s Reference (iOS)

This document provides instructions for software developers who want to create custom software solutions that communicate with DynaMAX, eDynamo, aDynamo, iDynamo, uDynamo, or kDynamo connected to an iOS host via audio connector or BLE. It is part of a larger library of documents designed to assist DynaMAX, eDynamo, aDynamo, iDynamo, uDynamo, kDynamo, sDynamo, and tDynamo implementers, which includes: D99875475 MagneSafe® V5 Programmer’s Reference (Commands) - PN 99875568

kDynamo Secure Multimedia Device Programmer’s Reference (COMMANDS) - PN D998200230

This document describes how to communicate with Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) devices which implement MagneSafe® V5.

MagTek SCRA EMV Flowchart - PN D100005143

This document provides EMV transaction flow instructions for software developers who want to create software solutions that include a MagTek Secure Card Reader / Authenticator (SCRA) device connected to a Windows PC, Android, or iOS device.

Quick Install Guide

kDynamo Quick Installation Guide D998200222

The purpose of this document is to provide a brief overview of key components, charging, and basic use of the kDynamo device.

Service and Repair Manual

MagTek Devices Safety and Maintenance, Cleaning Devices - PN D998200389

As part of the preventative actions for the Coronoavirus, it is important to clean equipment and surfaces. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces and objects at least once daily. It is important to properly clean and disinfect your MagTek device.

Technical Reference Manual

MagTek Response to NIST SP 800-131A re: Two-Key TDEA Encryption - PN D998200305

A response to a publication in March 2019, by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) entitled: “NIST Special Publication 800-131A Revision 2 – Transitioning the Use of Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Lengths”.

Use Case

Government Use Case

Simplify Securing Government Employee Access and Payments MagTek hardware and Magensa Services create the MagTek Solution that makes securing payments and digital transactions easier. This type of expertise and experience is equipped to manage the stringent requirements of government identification cards and access protocols. The combined effort of hardware and services provides the utmost in physical and logical security through the digital eco-system, with the flexibility and reliability these agencies require.

User Installation & Operation Manual

kDynamo Installation and Operation Guide - PN D998200284

This is the Installation and Operation Manual for kDynamo.

White paper

White Paper: Designing a POS system for cost-effective compliance with PCI-DSS - D998200370

Designing a POS system for cost-effective compliance with PCI-DSS: Using MagTek readers and Magensa processing services

Widespread Documents

MagneFlex Prism - D998200198

MagneFlex Prism is a suite of interface developer tools that reduce the points of development. Instead of using SDKs, APIs, and applets to build an interface to the hardware device, another to interface to the POS application, and another to the gateway, you can build the interface to just MagneFlex. MagneFlex drives the hardware, interfaces with the POS app, and can issue the commands to pack, parse and send the data out for processing. Whether you are on a network client system or using a web-based app, there is a MagneFlex tool for you. This simplifies development and certification and allows you to determine the best ecosystem for each individual environment.

MagTek Corporate and Timeline Brochure - PN D99875421

MagTek's History, Mission and Vision