ExpressCard 3000 Support

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ExpressCard 3000 Brochure - PN D998200298

The Next Generation of ExpressCard is here. ExpressCard 3000 is easier to use, has a higher reliability rate, uses the latest in RFID technology for consumables, has enhanced operation, maximized up time, and improved print capability, all with MagneSafe security.

Brochure - Family

Card Issuance and Management CPI for retail - PN D99875461

Your cards need to reflect your brand, whether it is a relaxing spa getaway, deluxe casino or corporate government offices. MagTek provides the hardware and software solutions to deliver cards instantly to your customers, guests, student body, or employees instantly and securely.

Instant issuance in retail breaks new ground for banks

The most obvious consumer trend today is the expectation of immediacy. You can download movies and music, and shop online with instant results. Consumer expectations spill over into all aspects of life. Bringing the essential services of banking and retail together, is an innovative solution. Brochure [banking] - PN D99800098

Overview of how can effectively help financial institutions with their instant issuance programs

Service and Repair Manual

ExpressCard 3000 Preventative Maintenance Checklist - PN D998200295

This document provides an easier to use checklist to make certain all preventative care has occurred during maintenance.

ExpressCard 3000 Preventative Maintenance Procedures - PN D998200294

This document provides information on how to care for the ExpressCard device to maximize up-time.

ExpressCard Hardware Service Manual - PN D99875607

This document provides detailed information about maintaining the ExpressCard 3000, 2000, and 1000.

ExpressCard Replacement Kits List - PN D99875730

This document provides a list of replacement parts and their subsequent service procedure manual.

USER MANUALS - Installation & Operation Manual

ExpressCard Security Policy - PN D99875474

This document describes the security policy for ExpressCard devices.

USER MANUALS - Quick Install Guide

Expresscard 3000 Quick Install Guide - PN D998200286

This document provides a quick reference guide for basic functionality, including initial setup.