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Magensa QwickSign - Secure Digital Environment - Magensa QwickSign is a complete e-signature solution for moving manual ink and paper processes including contracts, quotes, proposals, and release of liability to a secure digital environment. QwickSign enables you to fully automate your business transactions by coupling document signature and payment in one smooth transaction.

QwickSign Certifications

This brochure provides an overview of the certifications and compliance measures QwickSign eSignature application meets.

QwickSign for ISOs and Agents

This brochure provides the key benefits of QwickSign eSignature application for ISOs and Agents

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Magensa Web Services - Decision Tree - PN D998200301

This simple decision tree can help customers determine the Magensa Service that fits their needs the best.

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Magensa Corporate Catalog - PN D99810005

Magensa LLC is a subsidiary of MAGTEK, INC. offering fraud prevention, detection, and advisory services, founded in 2006. Magensa Services leverage strong encryption, secure tokenization, dynamic card authentication, and device/host validation, enabling users to assess the trustworthiness of credentials and terminals used for digital identification, payment processing, and high-value electronic transactions. When MagTek hardware is coupled with Magensa Services, fraud is stopped in real-time and counterfeit magnetic stripe cards are revealed.

MagTek Corporate and Timeline Brochure - PN D99875421

Founded in 1972, MagTek is a leading manufacturer of electronic systems for the reliable issuance, reading, transmission and security of cards, checks, PINs and identification documents. Leading with innovation and engineering excellence, MagTek is known for quality and dependability. Its products include secure card reader/authenticators, encrypting check scanners, PIN pads and distributed credential personalization systems. These products are used worldwide by financial institutions, retailers, and processors to provide secure and efficient payment and identification transactions.