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QwickCards Mobile Issuance

QwickCards software-in-the-cloud can be accessed from tablet devices for mobile instant issuance

QwickCards.com Brochure [banking] - PN D99800098

Overview of how QwickCards.com can effectively help financial institutions with their instant issuance programs

Risk Management PIN and REPIN Topology

QwickCards.com card issuance solution can increase card sales and revenue while decreasing costs and lead times. QwickCards.com topology on consumer selected PINs.

Statement on PA-DSS Requirements

PCI-DSS is a requirement for the organization which provides the service. PCI-DSS is an umbrella specification. PA-DSS is a requirement for specific software applications.

Programming Reference Manual

HSM PIN Application Instructions for Windows

This document provides the instructions to install and operate the HSM Generate PIN application.

Quick Install Guide

Card Design Template - PN D99875547

MagTek knows that designing your own instant issuance cards can be achallenging task. That is why we have created this card design documentto help you design your own cards, and better understand what cardformats you need in order to produce beautiful custom cards thatdistinguish you from your competitors.

User Installation & Operation Manual

QwickCards.com User Guide

Installation and Operation Manual for Qwickcards.com.

White paper

Implementing EMV in the U.S.: Best Practices

EMV Migration Forum: Implementing EMV in the U.S.: Best Practices in Support of EMV Instant Issuance

Widespread Documents

Magensa Corporate Catalog - PN D99810005

Corporate overview of Magensa's services and solutions

MagTek Corporate and Timeline Brochure - PN D99875421

MagTek's History, Mission and Vision