eDynamo Firmware & EMV Tags for QwickPAY

Start accepting EMV transactions with QwickPAY today. Begin by updating your eDynamo firmware and configuring your EMV tags.

There are two parts in updating the eDynamo firmware:

I. Installing the firmware II. Installing the EMV tags

What you will need:

  • A Windows Computer with Internet Access
  • eDynamo connected via USB

I. Installing the firmware

Step 1: Download MagTek Reader Configuration Program.

Go to this page, click 'Install' to download setup.exe.

MagTek Reader Configuration Program

Step 2: Launch the MagTek Reader Configuration Program.

Locate the setup.exe file that was just downloaded (usually in the Downloads folder). This program will walk you through the steps of downloading and installing the eDynamo Firmware. Double click file to launch. If asked if you want to run the file, click 'Run'.

Run Setup.exe

The program launches with this screen:

MagTek Reader Configurtion Splash screen

Step 3: Login with Public Account.

Once the login screen loads, click 'Use Public Account.'

Use Public Account

Step 4: Make sure the eDynamo reader is connected to the PC via USB.

Connect eDynamo reader to your PC via USB

Step 5: Download eDynamo Firmware.

Under 'Change Configuration' tab, go to 'Firmware' drop-down list.

Select 'eDynamo Firmware - 1000003354' from the list. Click 'Download Firmware'.

Change Configuration tab

Once the system downloads the software, a message will display indicating that the "Firmware download completed successfully."

Firmware downloaded successfully.

You are now ready to install the EMV tags to your eDynamo.

II. Installing the EMV tags

Step 1: Download and unzip the QwickPAY EMV tag file.

Remember the file location for quick access in step 2.

Step 2: Apply the EMV tags.

If not already open, open the MagTek Reader Configuration application on your Windows device. This application will allow you to open and update the EMV tags. In this application, go to 'EMV' tab, and click 'Change Tags...'

Click Change Tags under EMV tab.

You'll be asked to open the tag file that was just downloaded. Locate the file QwickPAY_EMV_Tags-eDynamo.xml and click 'Open'.

Screenshot of dialogue box to locate and open file.

When done, a message will display indicating "EMV Tag Update Successful."

EMV Tag Update Successful

Step 3: Use eDynamo reader for QwickPAY!

You're all set! Close the MagTek Reader Configuration program, and you're ready to connect your eDynamo reader to the QwickPAY App (VT, iOS or Android).

Questions? Email support@magtek.com

MagTek eDynamo Firmware Upgrade and EMV Tag Configuration