DynaPro Firmware EMV Tags Configuration*

There are two parts in configuring the EMV tags on DynaPro:

I. Unpacking the configuration files II. Configuring the EMV tags

What you will need:

  • A Windows Computer with Internet Access
  • DynaPro connected via USB
  • NOTE: EMV Tag Configuration only works with DynaPro and Readers with AMK L1MK0000009. Please make sure your DynaPro / Reader has this AMK before you proceed.

I. Unpacking the configuration files

Step 1: Download the DynaPro EMV Update package.

Step 2: Launch 'DynaPro-EMV-Update.exe' to unzip all pertinent files. Choose a location where you want to extract the files, then hit 'Unzip'.

Unzip DynaPro EMV tag files

This extracts a folder called 'DynaPro-EMV-Update'. It contains the configurator application in .exe format, and two files containing the EMV tags in .xml format. You will access these files in the next steps.

DynaPro EMV Tags folder contents

II. Configuring the EMV tags

Step 1: Launch 'EMV Tags Configurator.exe'. This starts a wizard that will walk you thru the EMV tags configuration process.

You will be asked to connect your DynaPro to your computer before you start the update. Your DynaPro should display your 'Welcome' screen when it's ready.

Make sure your DynaPro is connected and ready.

When DynaPro is ready, hit 'Next' on the wizard.

Connect DynaPro

The wizard confirms your DynaPro's connection. Hit 'Start' on the wizard.

Start EMV tags configuration

Step 2: Load the EMV tags. The wizard will prompt you to load to the XML file(s) containing the EMV tags. Browse to the 'EMV Tags' folder, then select the file you need.

In this example, we are selecting the file for 'with PIN'. Hit 'Open'.

Choose the EMV tags file for your DynaPro

Wizard installs firmware EMV tags on your DynaPro. This will take a couple of minutes. DO NOT power off DynaPro during installation.

Wizard installs EMV tags. Please wait.

Step 3: Finish firmware EMV tags installation. When you get confirmation of successful update, hit 'Exit'. your DynaPro should be up and ready to go.

DynaPro EMV Tags have been configured.

Questions? Email support@magtek.com.

*Valid for all PCI SRED devices

Sorry, this update is only available on Windows.