DynaGlass Support

Brochure - Family

DynaGlass Brochure - PN D998200330

DynaGlass is a POS terminal with an 8-inch display that delivers a sleek, stationary POS solution.

MagneFlex Prism - D998200198

MagneFlex Prism is a suite of interface developer tools that reduce the points of development. Instead of using SDKs, APIs, and applets to build an interface to the hardware device, another to interface to the POS application, and another to the gateway, you can build the interface to just MagneFlex. MagneFlex drives the hardware, interfaces with the POS app, and can issue the commands to pack, parse and send the data out for processing. Whether you are on a network client system or using a web-based app, there is a MagneFlex tool for you. This simplifies development and certification and allows you to determine the best ecosystem for each individual environment.

PIN Entry catalog for retail - PN 99875462

Businesses and retailers know they can rely on MagTek®.MagTek Secure Cryptographic Devices provide the trusted and reliable performanceexpected by security minded customers.


DynaGlass PCI PTS POI Security Policy - PN D998200455

This document addresses the proper use of DynaGlass devices in a secure manner. This includes information about key management responsibilities, administrative responsibilities, device functionality, identification, and environmental requirements.

WHITE PAPER - Overview and Industry

MagTek Response to NIST SP 800-131A re: Two-Key TDEA Encryption - PN D998200305

A response to a publication in March 2019, by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) entitled: “NIST Special Publication 800-131A Revision 2 – Transitioning the Use of Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Lengths”.