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Card Authentication - MagnePrint® The Science and Technology of MagnePrint - D99875243

MagnePrint is a dynamic card authentication technology based on the unique physical properties of the magnetic stripe, also referred to as the stripe’s digital identifier or (DI).

Device Authentication - D998200256

A standard feature of Magensa Web Services is protecting transactions and securing against rogue devices. Magensa provides authentication for personal electronic devices including payment terminals, PIN encrypting devices, card and check readers, and card issuing units. Legitimate devices can be identified and authorized for use while rogue devices can be identified and stopped before they are used to commit fraud.

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eCommerce Stages of Authentication

Diagrams outlining the stages of authentication. Enhance your user experience with secure mutual authentication for mobile and online transactions. The secure card reader authenticator is a secure hardware token that performs mutual authentication to the web or mobile apps and host, guarding against automated phishing bots and scripts, transparently and securely logging users into their stored accounts.

Magensa Services Overview - Magensa Data Protection and Payment Gateway Service - PN D998200437

For over 15 years, we have been providing services to major financial institutions, retail, hospitality, and other commercial organizations around the globe, securing sensitive data and processing high volumes of transactions securely.

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MagnePrint: A Real Time Risk Management Tool - D99875279

MagneSafe is a digital identification and authentication architecture that safeguards consumers and their personal data.

The Heart of Magensa

The Heart of Magensa’sCredential Authentication Service. MagnePrint®: A Real Time Risk Management Tool.

White Paper: A Letter to the Industry

A Proactive Approach Transaction AuthenticationA Real Time Risk Management Tool

White Paper: MagneSafe Security Architecture

MagneSafe Security Architecture. Better Protection for Cardholders and their Personal Data.

White Paper: The Story of Little Billy Waldron

White paper outlining the issues with exposed cardholder data.

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Magensa Corporate Catalog - PN D99810005

Magensa LLC is a subsidiary of MAGTEK, INC. offering fraud prevention, detection, and advisory services, founded in 2006. Magensa Services leverage strong encryption, secure tokenization, dynamic card authentication, and device/host validation, enabling users to assess the trustworthiness of credentials and terminals used for digital identification, payment processing, and high-value electronic transactions. When MagTek hardware is coupled with Magensa Services, fraud is stopped in real-time and counterfeit magnetic stripe cards are revealed.