SalesVu users rave about the iDynamo

"Our business users love the iDynamo because it is very steady, doesn't get lost, and provides them peace of mind."

My name is Pascal Nicolas and I am the CEO of SalesVu, a Texas-based mobile payment company. The iDynamo was the first iOS credit card reader that we integrated in our SalesVu point-of-sale and mobile payment application. Our business users love it because it is very steady, doesn't get lost, and provides them peace of mind.

Our SalesVu app allows businesses to securely process cash and credit card transactions from their iPhone, iPad, and soon Android. Each payment device is linked to a cloud-based portal that allows business owners to manage their entire operation from We have customers from all over the US, including retail, restaurant, and services companies. Our application is completely free, the credit card processing rates are the lowest among any mobile payment application (2.7% for both swiped and manually entered transactions), and every transaction is encrypted end-to-end thanks to the MagTek iDynamo that we send at no cost to every user.

Before partnering with MagTek, our application was cash-only point -of-sale solution that businesses could use to track cash transactions, send receipts to their customers, link each sale to the customer's Facebook account for viral marketing, and visualize sales and inventory reports from their secure online cloud account. The partnership with MagTek allowed us to integrate credit card payments and convert our point-of-sale app into a complete mobile payment application for small, medium, and large businesses alike.

The lack of credit card integration was preventing from competing with apps such as Square and GoPayment, which all had a fraction of our functionality but allowed for credit card processing. The MagTek iDynamo allowed us to become a very strong player – already surpassing Square on the security front (their device does not provide hardware-level encryption) and becoming the first cloud-based mobile payment solution on the market.

- Pascal Nicolas, CEO, SalesVu.
Product: iDynamo

Pascal Nicolas, CEO, SalesVu
Pascal Nicolas CEO, SalesVu

Customers speak about other MagTek Products

"MagTek sells a great product. Now our check images are crisp, clear and colorful. What a difference!"

- Peter Karoui, General Manager, Boston Checkcashers Inc.
Product: Excella STX

"We have worked with several brands of scanners over the years and found that MagTek is the best. The MagTek scanners are well designed, durable and reliable. Their developer tools, such as their API's that control the scanner, make it easy to integrate into our software application. I highly recommend MagTek."

Jeff Hardy, CEO, TOPS Software LLC.
Product: Excella STX

"The Excella MDX delivers a lot of functionality and reliability in a small footprint, great for check 21 processing."

- Jon Dorsey, CEO AllTrust Networks,

"MagTek's secure line of readers have allowed us to stay focused on serving our customers which makes them a valuable partner to Sage Payment Solutions. Their MagneSafe readers, in particular, make transactions more secure at the point of entry which is critical for our merchants in their pursuit to become and remain PCI compliant."

- Suzanne Ugast, Director, Marketing, Sage Payment Solutions

"IRN has a major customer who has over 100,000 independent reps across the country and they wanted their reps to be able to take credit cards while in the field and get the best possible rates. Your iDynamo was the perfect solutions to this problem."

James F. Marchese, EVP, IRN Payment Systems.

"The USB MagneSafe Mini is a great product from Magtek. Our customers have enjoyed the convenience of swiping their card knowing additional efforts have been made to safeguard their personal information. We use over 100 of these swipers at our large conventions and we believe we have had additional sales due to the ease of use and reliability of the USB MagneSafe Mini."

- Jim Clark, IT Internal Applications Team Manager, USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

"I received the replacement Dynamag card reader early last week and was able to successfully process multiple credit and debit transactions without any issues. Listed below is a brief overview on my first impressions of the product:

  • Installation was true plug and play.
  • The time it takes for the track data to appear on our VT payment interface after the card swipe was almost instantaneous as apposed to one or two seconds before using other card readers.
  • Sleek design with the optional vertical or horizontal mounting choice is a nice touch.
  • The super thin wire connecting the reader to the PC is very versatile allowing the end user to mount and hide all wires almost anywhere thus minimizing its overall footprint.

You guys did a great job on this."

- David Martinez, Product Engineer II, RBS WorldPay

"We had a card conversion date quickly approaching and needed a PIN solution. MagTek was able to meet our deadline and quickly respond to unanticipated issues. The IntelliCAT System was a great way for us to be able to provide our customers with the service they've come to depend on from Frandsen Financial."

- Jill Robiller, System Support Manager, Frandsen Financial

"Members can now come in to our lobbies, apply for a VISA Check Card, select a unique campus photo and walk out with an active card - all because of the ExpressCard 1000."

- Deb White , Vice President Operations and Human Resources, University Credit Union

""We wanted a way to reduce card delivery lead time and cost while offering something extra for our banking customers. MagTek delivered all of that and more. With easy to use features and the ability to support photo cards, our new MagTek solution now gives us the ability to offer customers instant card issuance with a photo that makes it 'their' card, all with the superior security MagTek is known for."

- Lynn Roy, Senior Vice President, and CIO, Cottonport Bank

"When NewAlliance Bank decided to provide instant card issuance as a convenience to its customers, we chose MagTek because of the flexibility the ExpressCard 1000 offered. In addition, we were impressed with how responsive MagTek was in supporting a very aggressive timeline."

- Cathy Brooks, Senior Vice President, Director of Deposit Services, NewAlliance Bank