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Dynamag Card Reader

The Dynamag enables retailers to "future proof" their POS applications with support for both today's traditional applications and tomorrow's advanced security requirements. The Dynamag is 100% interface compatible with all traditional MagTek® readers while also enabling advanced security features including card authentication, data encryption, and device/host authentication to be activated when higher security is demanded.

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Dynamag Card Readerspecs
Part # Description Price Quantity  
21073145 Dynamag Generic USB KB $85
USB KB Dynamag card reader in Legacy Mode (non-encrypting at security level 2). This reader is intended for use by solutions which do not yet support encrypted card data using the Dynamag. **Please note this reader can be upgraded in future to Secure Mode (encryption and MagnePrint® active at MagneSafe Security Level 3) using MagTek/Magensa Remote Services.

This part number is a functional equivalent of Part # 21073062.