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MCP Driver Installation Package

This driver can be used to communicate to devices that use the MCP protocol. This driver supports both the RS232 and USB devices, and only works on current Microsoft Windows Platforms. Users that are developing applications for platforms other than Windows should use the MCP Developers Kit.

    The MCP release combines three versions of the MCP drivers:
  1. The Kernel Mode driver is included for Windows XP/Vista/Win7 (for 32-bit versions only, see #3 below for information on 64-bit operating systems). This driver also supports MCP USB devices.
  2. A User Mode Library is included for installations that cannot support Kernel Mode drivers. This User Mode Library can be installed for Citrix and other thin-client installations where a Kernel Mode driver cannot be used.
  3. A 64-bit driver for Windows XP/Vista/Win7 64-bit. This driver supports MCP RS232 and USB devices.

The included Protocol Switching Utility may be used to switch MCP devices from native mode to ASCII mode. In ASCII mode, the device is set to communicate at a specific baud rate (9600,8,N,1), rather than negotiating with the device to establish this value on each power up. This mode of operation is required to effect communication with MCP devices under 64-bit Windows operating systems and thin-client environments. This utility may only be used under a 32-bit Windows Operating System in conjunction with the MCP driver. Once the device has been set to ASCII mode, it may be used in the desired 64-bit or thin-client environment.

Size: 14.7 MB
Operating Systems
Windows® XP/VISTA/WIN7