Demo Programs / OCX / Programming Tools

These easy-to-use demonstration programs have been developed over a period of time to show how the MagTek products work and, for some of the programs, to adjust the default configuration of a product to accommodate custom requirements. They can be used to verify hardware installations and to show the capabilities of the various products.

The OCX-based HTML examples include the ability to operate the MagTek devices via most web browsers.

Card Readers
The card reader programs support the USB, MiniWedge, and other models of magstripe readers. The IntelliStripe Picture Demo works with all of MagTek's Smart Card (hybrid) readers.
MICR Readers and Scanners
MICR readers can be configured using the MICRbase program while the MICRImage program shows the features of the MICR scanning products.
Card Issuance & PIN Pads
The IntelliPIN Test Program can be used to verify the operation of the IntelliPIN but can also be a valuable IntelliPIN programming learning tool.
OCX Examples
If you wish to distribute these ActiveX components with your application, you can download the associated OCX installation program listed below. Each package combines all of the required files into one setup program. This self-extracting installation program also includes a Visual Basic example showing how to use the particular OCX. You can use the OCX control for developing applications with Visual Basic, Visual C++, .Net, Delphi, or any other language that supports ActiveX controls in a Windows environment. (You can view the source code by right-clicking anywhere in the form and scrolling down to "Sub window_onLoad()" where the example begins.)
Card Readers & Components
USB HID Swipe Reader
USB HID Insert Reader
RS-232 Swipe & Insert Readers
Wedge Swipe Readers
MICR Check Readers & Scanners
MICR PLUS & IntelliPIN Combo