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Don't type, safely swipe and you and your customers will enjoy the convenience and peace of mind unmatched by any other secure, POS system.

QwickPAY is a complete POS payment solution that delivers unmatched convenience without sacrificing security. QwickPAY provides the ability to easily accept credit and signature debit sales anytime, anyplace. It is easy-to-use and can help merchants lower their cost of accepting cards by as much as 30%. When your customers want to pay with a card, QwickPAY is the safest way.

Secure and Easy to Use

  • Protects data and surpasses the PCI DSS standards by combining multi-layered MagneSafe™ security
  • Protects sensitive card data from the point of swipe and reduces your scope of PCI compliance
  • Simple to install and use secure card reader authenticators
  • Makes card present transactions easy to accept with security designed to simply decline counterfeit cards

Affordable and Flexible

  • Lowers the cost of card acceptance by offering authentic, card present transactions
  • Reduces the scope of PCI compliance by eliminating sensitive card data from the application
  • Eliminates the costs and hassles related to the charge back process by declining counterfeit cards


DETA Protection

  • Dynamic: Payment Card Data.
  • Encryption within the head : Decrypted data delivered only to a PCI DSS certified payment processor or gateway.
  • Tokenization of sensitive data : (3 types - Card, PAN, and Transaction) and QwickPAY accepts Qwick Codes
  • Authentication: (Card, Cardholder data, Device, Host, Session) - Eliminates the costs and hassles related to the charge back process by identifying counterfeit cards and stopping counterfeit card fraud.

Available on the App Store Available at Google Play

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