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RoHS Compliant Inquiries

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Declaration of Conflict Minerals Compliance

MagTek Inc. herein declares that the minerals used in MagTek products supplied to our customers are Conflict Free.

This certification covers all the shipments after the date 8/13/2013.

MagTek Inc. is performing due diligence within our supply chain to assure that the minerals of gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W) and tin (Sn) are only derived from “DRC Conflict Free” suppliers. We have obtained and will continue to obtain “EICC forms” or declarations similar to this one assuring compliance from our supplier base. Due to the high volume of complex spread sheets; MagTek, Inc. will not complete customer-supplied documentation.

Disclaimer: This Declaration of Conflict Minerals compliance statement is, to the best of MagTek, Inc.’s knowledge, accurate as of the date shown on this page. As some of the information is based upon data provided from sources outside of MagTek Inc., we make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of such information. MagTek Inc. continues to work toward obtaining valid and certifiable information, but has not necessarily conducted verification of each of our supplier’s supply chain. In no event shall MagTek Inc.’s liability exceed the purchase price paid by the customer.

1. Introduction

Global concerns over the human health and environmental risks associated with the use of certain environmentally-sensitive materials in electronic products has led the European Union (“EU”) to enact the Directive on the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS), that is designed to restrict the use of cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead, mercury and certain halogenated flame retardants (PBBs and PBDEs) in electronic products.

MagTek® understands the environmental risks associated with the substances covered by the RoHS Directive and is committed to reducing the use of these, as well as other environmentally-sensitive substances, in our products. Through our integrated Restricted Materials Program, MagTek has prohibited the use of cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury, PBBs and PBDEs in MagTek branded products.

2. Product Considerations

It is MagTek’s intention that the RoHS compliant configuration will become standard for all of the standard catalog product series. MagTek does not anticipate any changes in functional (electrical) performance or reliability characteristics by implementation of RoHS compliant designs. MagTek standard / catalog part numbers will not be revised to reflect RoHS compliant status. MagTek will continue to support requirements for non lead-free products (as historically provided, but otherwise RoHS compliant) as "custom" variations of standard / catalog items, and as fully "custom" build-to-specification products having unique part numbers.

3. Coverage by products

  • Discrete and integrated, active, or passive components
  • Modules and semi-finished devices
  • Finished devices

4. Resources

The said regulations can be downloaded in its original format from

5. Marking

Each packaging unit for RoHS products is marked, down to the smallest available packaging unit. For components or devices, this is a bag, bundle or box.  The marking is clearly recognizable, either as written words like “Pb-free” or “lead-free”, or as another clear symbol. A pure part numbering system is not sufficient.  Packages from original manufactures may be marked with other symbols, but must comply with the above rules.

6. Non RoHS product supply after 6-1-2006

MagTek will purchase only compliant components after 6-1-2006, if available and practical.

7. Compliance Certification

MagTek intends to self-certify products as RoHS compliant, based upon obtaining assurances / certifications from our suppliers that the materials and components provided by them are RoHS compliant, from which it follows that compliant materials, components and processing produce a compliant finished product.

MagTek will consider our end-product to be compliant or non-compliant based upon verification of certified compliant content of individual material and component elements of that product, rather than by performance of destructive testing / lab analysis of materials, component parts, finished components or assemblies to confirm specific content of RoHS restricted substances.

Numbers of customers are demanding additional information (typically Material Declarations) in order to have a greater degree of assurance that MagTek products comply with the RoHS Directive, and MagTek has received a wide range of inconsistent demands from our customers in terms of scope, content, type, and format of product transition information and material disclosures.

Customers have requested simple compliance certifications, material declarations including the six substances specific to the RoHS Directive, more comprehensive listings of substances crossing a number of domestic and EU Directives, and 100% disclosure of material content.

Customers have requested that material content be determined by laboratory testing (not legislated). Customers have requested specific data relative to "RoHS / Lead-Free" process compatibility of products, and relative to supply logistics, not directly applicable to RoHS content compliance of products.

Due to resource challenges, and lack of industry standards, MagTek cannot respond to the many unique requests and formats for compliance reporting and information, across our customer base and product range.

MagTek will not provide comprehensive material disclosures / declarations. MagTek will provide simple material declarations / statements / certifications of RoHS compliance for product series in general, and for specific products on request. In the event that an MagTek product contains an unacceptable amount of a restricted substance, the estimated / calculated PPM of that substance against the mass of the applicable homogenous, mechanically separable material and finished product in which it occurs will be indicated.